Developed by international entrepreneur, Eric Edmeades, Inception Marketing™ is a powerful and effective marketing paradigm that combines psychology, corporate empathy and market data to attract a significantly larger audience and then convert them into raving-fan clients.


Inception Marketing –> Explained


There are a variety of ways to learn more about, or implement, Inception Marketing™:

1) Online webinars: We run online webinars on Inception Marketing™. To register or find out more, please click here.


2) Live Seminars: Inception Marketing™ is taught by Eric Edmeades at his Business Freedom Seminars around the world.


3) Private Speaking Engagements: Eric Edmeades is available for private speaking engagements. Contact us for more information.


4) Consultancy: We provide Inception Marketing™ consulting services that include the development of Inceptive Stories and Inceptive Marketing deployment strategies for direct mail, traditional advertising, internet marketing, telemarketing and a variety of other mediums.


If you would like a more detailed explanation of Inception Marketing™ and how it will work for you, please click here.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss using Inception Marketing™ in your business.