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7 August 2014 – Update

The book (Inception Marketing) is coming along nicely and we are getting closer to the official launch. Eric’s new ground-breaking book guides people through the step-by-step process of creating their own inceptive campaigns. Here is a quick note from Eric:

Draft-3DBookCover-InceptionMarketingI sent an early version of this book for review by one of the consultants I was working with at the time and she went crazy. Not out of excitement, but out of concern for her job. The book, she explained, was so straight forward and easy to follow that people would no longer need consulting services from us. I disagree. I feel that by fully explaining and teaching the principles of Inception Marketing we will create even more attraction for our business because people will fully understand why Inception Marketing is so effective.

The book has two primary sections:

1) The step-by-step process behind Inception Marketing, so that you will be able to design your own inceptive campaigns and fully understand the process.

2) A wide variety of deployment strategies for your inceptive campaigns, including detailed discussion on internet marketing, telemarketing, direct mail, television and radio advertising and several other common and uncommon marketing mediums, so that you will have some tangible ideas and specific steps you can take to roll out your inceptive campaigns.

Advance Notice?

If you would like to pre-order the book now, you will get a discounted price, a free webinar and an autographed copy of the book. Alternatively, if you simply want to be notified when the book is ready, complete the form below: