Inception Marketing Explained

Today, consumers are being bombarded by marketing messages and their attention spans are getting shorter by the day. Where it was once easy to ‘buy’ space in the minds of consumers it has become one of the great mysteries of the technological age: how to get noticed in the barrage of sales and marketing messages that bombard people every day.

Most companies spend the vast majority of their time and budgets trying to eek out their ‘fair share’ of the active market. In other words, you and your competitors are all vying for a piece of the same pie. Inception Marketing™ cuts through the confusion, and exposes your message to a much wider audience, with a powerful combination of corporate empathypsychology and market data.

What if there was a way to dramatically reduce your marketing spend while generating a significantly larger pool of high quality leads and then sharply increasing your closing percentages?

You already know this: Stories sell. We love stories and, told well, they can completely change the way we think, feel and act. Inception Marketing is a strategic story-based marketing system that will:

  1. Dramatically reduce your marketing spend by making your individual campaigns so much more effective.
  2. Significantly increase the number of high quality leads you attract to your business.
  3. Sharply increase your closing percentages.
  4. Turn your front-line staff — sales people, customer service reps, etc. — into well regarded experts in the industry.
  5. Establish powerful credibility and authority with your prospects and clients.

Marketing does not have to be a mystery any longer.


At each step of the process we work closely with both our clients and our researchers to make sure that we are identifying the key inflection points that will, first, attract prospects to your company and, then, convert them to raving fan clients.

Where most marketing and advertising campaigns are decidedly tactical in both their development and deployment, Inception Marketing is highly strategic and involves a systematic approach that starts with a clear understanding of your Ideal Target Market.

The Process

While developing an Inceptive Marketing strategy is a complex and involved process, the steps are very straight forward. Our team of dedicated professionals will guide you through each step…

  1. Identify your Ideal Target Market
  2. Profile your ITM so that you know what is most important to them.
  3. Develop compelling Engagement Pitches that will attract their attention and earn their engagement.
  4. Design an effective Inceptive Story; a well researched ‘story’ that your prospects want to hear and that will subtly move them to the realization that they both want and need your product, service or company.
  5. Set buying filters that will teach your prospects both whom to buy from and whom to avoid (your competitors.)
  6. Design an irresistible offer that, through the use of an engaging Origin Story and a convincing Investment Story, will make purchasing form you the next logical step in the process.

Where most marketing and advertising campaigns are decidedly tactical in both their development and deployment, Inception Marketing is highly strategic.


Using Inception Marketing™ means developing marketing strategies that are so effective that your prospects don’t see your marketing as marketing and then view buying your products or services as their own idea.

If you would like to find out more about Inception Marketing and how your business can dramatically increase your sales, here is your opportunity: