Engagement: Live Events, Video Training and Products


By placing an Order for any products, services or events from this website, you acknowledge that you have read our Terms and Conditions (available at www.InceptionMarketing.com/Terms) and agree that your Order is subject to those Terms and Conditions.

II. Live Events Your payment entitles you to:

  1. attend the Event during the scheduled hours of the event; and
  2. receive a copy of any Materials that are provided with the event; and

III. Subject to Change

While it is rare for us to do so, we reserve the right to make changes to the event including, but not limited to, the speakers and trainers, the event schedule and the location of the event, for any reason provided that we detail these changes to you in writing at least 3 (three) days before the event.

IV. Investment and Payment

You agree to make full payment for any events, products or service in advance of attending or receiving such events, product or services unless we have agreed otherwise in writing.

  1. If we have agreed a payment plan or deferred payment then you agree to make your payments promptly and in full on the agreed schedule.
  2. Any and all payment plans or deferred payments are subject to a  8% handling fee.

V. Cooling Off Period

All sales are final. We provide a cooling-off period of 5 days. If, within 5 days of placing your order you have changed your mind, simply notify us in writing, return all materials you have received, and we will issue you with a refund. (This does not apply to events that you attend within 5 days of purchasing.)

  1. In the event that you have acquired products from us at a live event, the cooling off period will be the longer of either 5 days or the statutory cooling-off — if one is provided — period provided to you by law in your jurisdiction.

VI. Transferring tickets

Tickets to live events and trainings are fully transferable to other future events or to other parties with the following provisos:

  1. If you purchase a ticket to an event that you later realize that you can not attend,you may transfer your ticket to a future iteration of the same event as long as you provide at least 7 days notice.
  2. If no further iterations of the same event are scheduled, and you have provided notice as required, you may transfer the ticket value to another event of your choosing.
  3. You may sell or transfer your ticket to another party.
  4. All transfers of event tickets — either to a future event or to another party — are subject to a processing fee of 12% of the original ticket price.
  5. Complimentary tickets are not transferable in any way.

VII. Refunds and Cancellations by Catalystix Ltd.

We may from time to time be forced to cancel events that you have purchased a ticket to. If we cancel an event you will be entitled to a full refund.

  1. In the event of such cancellation a refund of your payment to us for your ticket will be the extent of our liability with respect to such cancelation.

VIII. Cancellations by You

If you, at any time after the cooling period discussed in these terms, decide not to attend any event for which you have purchased a ticket, you will not be eligible for a refund. Product, services and ticket sales are final except as expressly discussed in this document or otherwise agreed in writing between Catalystix Ltd. and you.

VIV. Disclosures

You acknowledge:

  1. That our company, Eric Edmeades nor any of our other speakers or trainers are licensed investment advisors or medical practitioners and that any actions you take either as a result of or subsequent to receiving our products or attending our events are your own responsibility. YOU SPECIFICALLY UNDERTAKE TO SEEK PROFESSIONAL ADVICE BEFORE MAKING ANY INVESTMENT DECISIONS OR CHANGES TO YOUR HEALTH REGIMES.

X. Jurisdiction and Disputes Should a dispute arise between you and Catalystix or between you and any of our employees, agents, trainers, consultants, coaches or speakers, that you will;

  1. Seek to resolve matters between us by providing a detailed decryption of your grievance in writing and providing us with the specific  remedy that you are seeking; and
  2. Undertake not to make any public statements about any disputes until matters have either been resolved between us or decided by a third party.
  3. Agree to attend non-binding mediation before escalating matters to the court system.

XI. In the event that we are unable to resolve any disputes, you specifically agree that;

In the event of a dispute arising from your purchase of tickets for, or attendance at any of our live events or services, that the governing law will be those of the country in which the live event took place.

In the of a dispute arising from the sale or provision products, digital products and online services that are dispatched directly by us that the governing law shall be the laws of Turks and Caicos.

We have a mutual agreement not to discuss, post to social media or make any representations about any disputes until (i) we have exhausted all attempts described herein to resolve the dispute and (ii) a court has decided the outcome of any disputes.