Thank you all for a memorable and fun event. It was a real pleasure and I enjoyed my time with you. Special thanks, too, to all my lunch-mates!

As promised, I have created a special registration page so that you can request a FREE pre-release copy of Inception Marketing. We plan to release the book later this year and I am happy to provide attendees of CAM a pre-release copy as soon as it is ready. To get yours, just fill in the box below and as soon as the pre-release version is ready, we will send it to you. As my gift to you.



On a separate note, a number of you asked about my Kilimanjaro adventure program; here goes: – See You at the Top | The Ultimate Leadership Program

Each year we take a group of clients on an outstanding leadership and communications program that includes climbing Kilimanjaro, outstanding African Safari and a local community project. The next trip is in Feb 2015.



I also got a lot of questions about public speaking so I have another book for you: The Stage Effect.

There is a powerful marketing secret called The Stage Effect that takes place when a person takes the stage and puts themselves at risk in front of an audience. Download my book The Stage Effect to learn how to become comfortable with public speaking and, then, how you can use it to create massive attraction for you and your business.


And here is the form to get your FREE advance copy of Inception Marketing!