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Inception Marketing Video Training Program



Until now, Inception Marketing education was only available through live training events or public consulting engagements. Now, we have launched an online training system that will guide you through each of the key steps of developing your first inceptive campaign.





In this program you will:

      • Identify your ideal target markets.
      • Generate significantly more high quality leads.
      • Convert non-buying skeptics into repeat clients.
      • Improve sales conversions dramatically.
      • Establish yourself and your team as industry experts.
      • Teach your clients not to buy from your competitors. 

Let’s take a  closer look at what’s in the program…


Module One

In the first module we will explore what Inception Marketing is and why it is such a powerful way to increase lead-flow and conversion rates. You will evaluate both your Overall Target Market and numerous Ideal Target Markets. Inception Marketing is, at its very key, a strategic marketing methodology and is so effective because each inceptive campaign is designed for a very specific Ideal Target Market. In this module, you will discover:

  1. Who your overall target market is and why you should almost never try to appeal to all of them at once.
  2. What an Ideal Target Market is, how many of them you have, and how to refine your marketing focus.
  3. That your Ideal Target Market is not always made up of buyers; that there are other groups that can have an even bigger impact for you.

By the end of Module One you will be well on your way and completely ready for the psychological marketing evaluation that you will undertake in Module Two.

Module Two


psychology210x162Psychology. By focusing on a particular Ideal Target Market you will be in a much better position to evaluate what is truly important to your prospects. In this module we will learn about how to get into the minds of our Ideal Target Market to determine what is most important to them: what they really value in life or business. By understanding the various stresses, joys, pains and pleasures that they are navigating, you will be in a much better place to engage them with your marketing message or offers.

Module Three


Engagement. This module is all about how to engage your prospects so that you can earn the right to tell your inceptive story. Because you will have narrowed your focus to a single Ideal Target Market and then undertaken a deep evaluation of their values and psychology, you will be in an excellent place to develop effective and compelling engagement pitches that will draw your audience into your marketing funnel.

Module Four


Inception. The beginning. What if your prospects could arrive at the decision to buy your product or service and believe that their decision was entirely their own idea? In module 4 you will learn how to construct Inceptive Stories™ that will do exactly that. In this detailed and powerful module you will learn:

  1. How to build powerfully effective Inceptive Stories™ so  that you can massively increase your closing percentages.
  2. How to use research and market data to build powerful credibility so that your audience will stay engaged.
  3. How to establish yourself and your sales people as experts in the field so that people turn to them for buying advice.
  4. How to build a commanding sense of authority so that your prospects will heed your advice.
  5. How to set ‘buying filters’ that will prevent your prospects from buying from your competitors.
  6. How to eliminate the need to compete on price.

Module Five

CompulsionPeople are motivated to buy when they have compelling emotional and logical reasons to buy. Your Inceptive Story™ will have already seeded the process and have your prospects curious about what their next step should be. They will even look to you or your team for buying advice. Now we will discuss the process of preparing an irresistible offer. In this model you will learn:


  1. What an origin story is and why it is so key to a prospects buying decision.
  2. How to create and deliver a powerful origin story so that your prospects want to buy from you.
  3. What an investment story is and how to use one to make the powerful logical arguments your prospects need to hear.
  4. How to create and delivery an effective investment story that will give your prospects the piece of mind to buy from you.

With powerful emotional and logical reasons to buy — and a desire to buy from you– well established, we will move to module five where you will learn how to make Frog Soup.

Module Six


FrogInHotWaterWhen you place the metaphorical frog in  hot water, it jumps out. If you place it in cold water and then slowly heat the pot, you end up with frog soup. Inceptive marketing strategies work on a similar principle: don’t try for too much engagement too early.

Marketing is a great deal like dating; if you try to close the deal too early, you will lose the sale. In this model you will learn:

  1. How to make frog soup; how to entice your clients with graduated levels of engagement that lead to the larger or big ticket sales you would like to make.
  2. How to reduce the risk for your prospects so that they feel safe doing business with you from the beginning.
  3. How to reduce any barriers to entry so that your prospects find it easier to make their first purchase from you.
  4. How to close the sale and convert your non-buying suspects into long-term raving-fan clients.


Eric is a creative genius, an out of the box thinker, and has a thirst for such a large breadth of knowledge. Eric has a unique ability to get into the mind of the stakeholders and deliver a communication that touches their core. He knows how to present information to people based on what they need, regardless of what they “think they want”.

– Raj Lahoti – CEO of Online Guru and DMV.org (100,000,000+ visitors per year).


Will it work? Yes. It will. Guaranteed.

Buy it. Try it. If, having completed the program, you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money no questions asked.


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